About Us

Robo Otomasyon Engineering Elec. Mac. Ind. and Trade Inc. has been founded in 2002 in line with the ideas of a group of experienced Electrical & Electronics Engineeers, The Company has been incorporated in 2006.

ROBO AUTOMATION provides services regarding industrical automation for particularly automotive industry and other industries.

ROBO AUTOMATION has undertaken the mission to contribute to the targets of industriallization and opening up to foreing markets of our country with the projects it shall perform and present to the market.

Our Mission

ROBO AUTOMATION has undertaken the mission of contributing to our country’s goals of industrialization and international expansion with the products put on the market and the services provided. Our strong capital and knowledge, experienced and competent labor force, flexible organizational structure, high quality and diversified service portfolio are our greatest sources of power in supporting our mission.

Our Vision
"Contributing, at a high level, to our environment and the national economy with our services in the continuously developing / changing economies of Turkey and the World"

Hakkımızda | Robo Otomasyon

Hakkımızda | Robo Otomasyon
Our Basic Principles
  • Understanding of efficient and determined working
  • Timely and full performance of the responsibilities undertaken
  • Absolute customer satisfaction
  • Giving particular importance to human relations first
  • Doing every business with meticulous care
  • Never compromising on quality
  • Sustaining a peaceful business life with our employees